Ellen Page Speaks Out On Bryan Singer’s Alleged Underage Sexual Abuse!

ellen page bryan singerEllen Page has commented on Bryan Singer‘s alleged affairs with underage boys where he reportedly took advantage of them before promising careers in the movie business!

The shocking claims were first made last month.

Two other people have since come forward and admitted that they were also sexually abused by the famous director, having shown some kind of proof for what they believe is enough evidence to take Bryan down.

Now, Ellen speaks out on her director’s past and what she makes of the situation.

“I guess the truth will come out in the way that it does, but it’s hard to hear about someone being in that situation, someone you like working with… I do think that there’s a systemic issue of people in places of power manipulating and abusing young people.”

Ellen has worked with Bryan many times in the past, having recently shot X-Men: Days of Future Past together.

Do you think Bryan’s guilty?

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