Solange Knowles Viciously ATTACKS Jay-Z At Met Gala After Party — SHOCKING...

Solange Knowles Viciously ATTACKS Jay-Z At Met Gala After Party — SHOCKING VIDEO!!

solange beyonce jay-z fight

solange knowles fight jay-zSolange Knowles attacked Jay-Z last week at a Met Gala after party for reasons which we have yet to find out.

The shocking video clip, obtained by TMZ, shows how a viciously angry Solange kicks Jay-Z, then physically launches herself at him as she swings at him with full force whilst one of their bodyguards attempts to hold her back.

We hear Solange, Beyonce and Jay all attended the Met Gala together and headed to the after party too — no word on why Solange was so mad but after the trio entered the elevator, the singer couldn’t contain herself and went at Jay like a maniac.

And what’s probably most shocking about the video footage is that while Solange was attacking Jay-Z with her heels and her hands, Beyonce was just standing there like a rag doll being dragged from side to side. Oooh, this is so juicy, I need to get to the bottom of this!

But y’all know that I’ve been saying this from the beginning. People make it out like Beyonce and Jay’s life is all that perfect — I’m sure Solange wouldn’t have attacked her brother-in-law for a silly, small reason. There’s something behind it, and it’ll eventually come out.

The bodyguard hits the emergency button just as the fight breaks out to stop the elevator doors from opening and having the photographers snap their photos. See the photo below for the aftermath of — Solange ain’t happy one bit while Beyonce gives her fake smile to the crowd.

solange beyonce jay-z fight



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