Solange Knowles Deletes Beyonce Photos From Instagram — Sisters Feuding Over Jay-Z?

Solange Knowles Deletes Beyonce Photos From Instagram — Sisters Feuding Over Jay-Z?


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Solange Knowles has deleted all of her photos with Beyonce in them from her Instagram page, except for one.

Her decision to delete all of her photos with Beyonce goes to show that there’s some kind of family feud going on, and of course this is all happening after the footage of Solange attacking Jay-Z made its way onto the internet.

Solange, who can be seen kicking, scratching, pushing and slapping Beyonce’s hubby in the 3-minute extended version, removed photos of her sister hours after the video leaked online — suggesting that the famous siblings are not on good terms.

We do recall Solange and Beyonce entering the car together minutes after the brawl erupted in the elevator, and though it’s unclear why Solange removed all of the pics, it wasn’t until the video came out that Solange pulled them.

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This leads us to believe that Beyonce and Jay-Z probably called Solange after the footage came out. Solange, presumably still hotheaded from the Met Gala afterparty fight a week ago, wouldn’t listen to a thing neither of them had to say, she cut the line and was so mad, she deleted the pics.

The only photo that’s still on Solange’s Instagram page which also shows Beyonce is one that she posted over a year ago with a friend by her side. Maybe she forgot to delete that one? Haha.

One could say that we are looking too deep into this situation that could possibly be nothing, but why delete all of the photos with you and your sister… right after the video hits the internet?

I’m certain Beyonce and Solange had a talk about it. Bey was probably fuming over the fact that the CCTV footage got out, she yelled at Solange, Solange got mad and now they’re in a bitter war with each other.

Tina Knowles, we need you to step in and check your daughters!



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