Angelina Jolie Talks Wedding Plans To Brad Pitt, Mastectomy Surgery and Family...

Angelina Jolie Talks Wedding Plans To Brad Pitt, Mastectomy Surgery and Family in ‘People’


angelina jolie people magazineAngelina Jolie gushes about her wedding plans to Brad Pitt in the latest issue of People magazine.

The actress, who recently hinted at an early retirement from acting, says that the entire family – including her kids – are very much involved in the process of planning the biggest day of her life.

She tells the outlet: “We are discussing it with the children and how they imagine it might be,” before adding that her children have also been adding their own ideas to the wedding: “[It’s] verging on hysterical, how kids envision a wedding.”

“They will, in a way, be the wedding planners,” she added before joking: “It’s going to be Disney or paintball — one or the other!”

Angelina says she doesn’t have a particular wedding date yet, and that’s presumably because she’s still working on several projects, and so is Brad. They don’t really have time to settle down and have a moment for themselves… at least not right now.

But, Angelina does stress that the wedding will eventually happen and the fact that they are already talking about what they want and who they want to invite to the wedding, shows that plans are moving forward.

Talking about her family bond with her soon-to-be hubby, she says: “You’re not lovers or boyfriend and girlfriend as much as you are a family,” before briefly discussing her double-mastectomy from last year: I’m really happy about the choices I’ve made.”

“And I feel even more connected to other people, especially women.”

Catch the issue on sale this Friday. Whenever this woman opens her mouth, I can’t help but agree with her points. She’s so inspiring, and I love her affection to her kids and how she plans on moving away from her dream career (acting) to focus more on being a better mom as her children get older.



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