George Clooney Cheated on Stacy Keibler with Amal Alamuddin Before Breakup

George Clooney Cheated on Stacy Keibler with Amal Alamuddin Before Breakup

george clooney cheating

george clooney cheatingGeorge Clooney was cheating with Amal Alamuddin while he was still seeing Stacy Keibler, the National Enquirer writes on their cover.

The tabloid, who is known to get stories wrong all the time, go on to tell a fabricated story on how George supposedly cheated on Stacy with Amal because Clooney already knew he didn’t want to be with the former WWE wrestler anymore.

A source explains how George was hesitant to break up with Stacy, describing the incident like this: “George met Amal when he and Stacy were still very much together, and he broke Stacy’s heart.”

“He says his romance with Amal didn’t begin until after he and Stacy split up, but Stacy still considers it a terrible betrayal.

Stacy now realizes that George was laying the groundwork for dumping her months before they actually split.”

So Stacy Keibler is supposedly convinced that George already had his plans before he broke up with her last year. But in all of this, I’m struggling to understand why Stacy, who is now pregnant and married to Jared Pobre, is so worried about the past?

Clearly the National Enquirer is running out of juicy, made up stories so they thought giving us this nonsense is going to sit well with their readers. It isn’t with me!

An actual source for George Clooney denies the reports, insisting that Amal and George didn’t meet until the actor split from Stacy. Though it can seem that way since George moved on super fast, the source is saying there’s no truth to the story of him cheating on his ex.



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