Miranda Lambert Having Blake Shelton’s Baby: Prepares For Pregnancy with “Cheating” Husband

Miranda Lambert Having Blake Shelton’s Baby: Prepares For Pregnancy with “Cheating” Husband


blake shelton miranda baby pregnantMiranda Lambert is putting her career on hold to finally have a baby with Blake Shelton.

National Enquirer is reporting this hilarious story despite the fact they really don’t know anything about this couple.

The tabloid, who’ve alleged in the past that the two were splitting up on numerous occasions, are now changing their story to Miranda wanting to start a family with Blake in the wake of his alleged cheating scandals.

“Miranda has run out of options for saving her strained marriage. It’s like they were one step away from divorce court. Blake has been begging for a baby forever, and Miranda finally gave in,” a source said.

“She’s telling friends that she’s actively trying to get pregnant right now, the tabloid adds, making us wonder how they know what kind of conversations Miranda has with her close pals.

“Miranda warned Blake that bringing a child into their lives means she’s adopting a zero-tolerance policy about his boozing, carousing and flirting,” the story concludes as it brings up Shelton’s alleged alcohol problem.

So, what we’ve learned from this is that Miranda is having a baby, but she’s not tolerating any nonsense from Blake who is supposedly known for cheating and having an alcohol problem which Miranda doesn’t tolerate.

If she didn’t tolerate it, then why is she still with him? Or better yet, why is she thinking about having a child with him and be locked down for eighteen years?

Gotta love the tabloids and their stupidity.



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