Taylor Swift Loses Friends By “Copying Their Style” — REPORT

taylor swift lorde friendsTaylor Swift is reportedly losing a lot of close friends because she’s copying them in everything they do; from fashion to food recipes and certain diets, OK! magazine declares.

Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous? But then again, let’s not forget that this is another tabloid story, so the chances of it being true are second to none. Nevertheless, it’s funny.

So OK! alleges that a lot of the friends Taylor usually hangs around with are starting to distance themselves because the singer is so obsessed with everything they do.

According to the mag, it’s part of her reinvention — the country starlet wants to change herself completely by the time she releases a new album; it’ll be unexpected and totally not what fans would’ve expected… but supposedly in a good way.

Either way, friends such as Lorde are pissed that she’s copying them. The source says Taylor is “going to her self-assured pals for everything from diet tips to fashion inspiration” because she’s sick of people “knocking her goody-two-shoes persona.”

“Taylor loves Lorde’s grungy look and calls her constantly asking her advice on what to wear.” Styling tips from Lorde? No shade, but that’s quite funny, especially since Taylor’s style is so different from hers.

Oh yeah, I forgot. She’s reportedly “reinventing” herself. Haha.

But of course this story from the magazine contradicts itself since none of the people they mentioned in the article have “distanced” themselves from Taylor.

Lorde is seen out and about with Swift every now and then, while other pals such as Selena Gomez were hanging out with the so-called “copycat” just a few weeks ago.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ciera Chantál | CheckoutMyBlog

    May 15, 2014 at 11:30 am

    Poor Tay Tay…lol I thought that she had her own unique style…guess not.

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