‘Two and a Half Men’ To Conclude After Season 12!

‘Two and a Half Men’ To Conclude After Season 12!

two and a half men canceled conclude

two and a half men canceled concludeTwo and a Half Men will conclude after its 12th season, it has been confirmed.

The show, which carries the title for longest-running live action comedy, will come to an end after its forthcoming series debuts later this year, CBS network announced.

While dedicated fans of the show may see this as a shock, to those who keep up with the ratings know that TAAHM has been struggling with its competitors for some time now.

Ratings hit their all-time low last season, prompting CBS execs to schedule the show for a later hour. 

Many fans tuned out after Charlie Sheen was fired from the program; Ashton Kutcher famously replaced him and though I’d say he’s done a good job, people thought otherwise.

The cast have yet to respond to the announcement that most of them will be unemployed once the show comes full circle, because let’s face it, some of those people on the program have been getting huge pay checks per episode, and next season it’ll all come to an end. Haha.

At least this will be an excuse for Ashton to stay at home and look after his child with Mila Kunis once the actress goes into labor, presumably this summer.



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