Jay-Z and Beyonce to Divorce Following Solange Attack: Jay Tells Friends: “Nothing...

Jay-Z and Beyonce to Divorce Following Solange Attack: Jay Tells Friends: “Nothing Lasts Forever”


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Solange Knowles‘s outrageous behavior has allowed the media to now speculate on what’s going on in Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage. So much that RadarOnline is saying the couple are close to calling it quits and divorcing.

As juicy as the story sounds, it’s interesting how all of these divorce stories are only now coming forward after the infamous Solange video hit the web. Where were all of these “close sources” before the video emerged?

Either way, Beyonce’s decision on having her ‘IV’ tattoo removed is the first “major” hint in the couple preparing to go their separate ways, as one source adds that the only reason why they even make public appearances now, is to act as if they romance is fine.

Bey and Jay carefully planned their move to sit front row at a Miami Heat game, just hours after the Solange video leaked, because they wanted people to think that the clip is not as serious as it looks, a source said.

“To the public, Beyonce and Jay Z appear to have it all. But behind close doors, they’re not as happy as people think they are.”

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“Jay’s been telling his friends that Beyonce is getting her ring tattoo removed, the one they got when they were married. He just sorta shrugs it off though saying ‘Nothing is forever.’”

Okay, so we’ve established Beyonce has removed her ring tattoo — but why would she still be with Jay if the ring tattoo has been removed.

Unless we were to believe what the source is saying that the couple are purposely appearing at public events to silence rumors they plan on splitting, which is stupid because we’re going to find out sooner or later.

“B puts out this strong, independent woman-type persona, but she’s a wallflower with Jay and is basically just really submissive with him,” a source tells the outlet.

“And don’t be mistaken; B and Jay are always aware that they are in the public eye and they were prepared in case the video came out. Jay is basically laughing about it now, and they’re confident it’s going to pass.”

I wish the recording of Solange spazzing out on Jay had audio — that way the media wouldn’t have to speculate. But for Beyonce’s sis to go off at her brother-in-law like that, there must’ve been a serious reason as to why she did so in the first place.



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