Faith Hill Wants Another Baby To Stop Tim McGraw From Cheating —...

Faith Hill Wants Another Baby To Stop Tim McGraw From Cheating — CLAIM


tim mcgraw faith hill pregnantAre Tim McGraw and Faith Hill having a baby to soothe out their marriage problems?

If you’ve been following recent headlines that included the two, you’d know that they have been swarmed with cheating allegations. While one tabloid claimed Tim was gay, another said he was sleeping with Taylor Swift.

With all of these mixed stories coming from unreliable sources, the news that Tim and Faith wanting to have a baby isn’t any different.

The National Enquirer reveals that the famous couple are considering to adopt a baby sometime this year, supposedly because the couple want to feel “young” again and the fact that their three daughters are finding themselves without their parents’ help, they’ve made the decision to welcome another baby to the family.

Really? But these kids are eleven. How in the world can these kids be rebellious at that age and drift away from their parents so soon? Something sounds fishy. Ah yes, the story comes from the National Enquirer, so that would explain why.

“It’s been bittersweet for them to see their daughters become teenagers and need Mommy and Daddy less and less. I think the idea of feeling young again by having a little one in the house appeals to them.”

It’s believed that Faith Hill is wanting to go forward with the adoption not just because she really wants another child, but she thinks this will keep Tim away from the people he was allegedly seeing during his marriage to the singer.



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