Michael Sam Lands OWN Reality Show As First Openly Gay NFL Player; Oprah Winfrey Gives Statement

michael sam vito boyfriend

michael sam vito boyfriendOprah Winfrey has given Michael Sam his own platform to showcase his career path — and that’s through a reality show.

Oprah, who is becoming increasingly annoying with the way she hands out reality shows, has reportedly given Michael the thumbs up in having him star in his own “docu-series”.

The show is set to air on OWN later this year, and it’ll simply follow the life of Michael Sam and his journey from a college football player to being the “first gay man” to be drafted in the NFL and expected to play for the St. Louis Rams.

Before I post the statement that the producers of the forthcoming show have given, let me clarify that Michael Sam is certainly not the first gay man in the NFL — I’m sure there are others… who may be happier staying closeted.

The reality show will take a “close look at the remarkable man at the center of this groundbreaking moment in professional sports, as the former University of Missouri football player enters the competitive world of professional football.”

“Cameras will follow Sam as he works to earn his spot on the St. Louis Rams all while under the intense scrutiny of being the first openly gay player in the NFL.”

Of course Oprah is hyping the show to be amazing, just like the time she gave Lindsay Lohan a reality show and it bombed big time.

I’m happy for Michael Sam and his success, but Oprah makes me a little sick. She’s done this so many times now, where she rushes to whatever person is currently making headlines, and hands them a show.

She did this with Lindsay when she came out of rehab, she did it with Lance Armstrong, with R&B singer Usher, and so many others. Is she that desperate for ratings. Girlfriend might as well bring back her talk-show if that’s the case.

Oprah says in a statement: “We are honored that Michael is trusting us with his private journey in this moment that has not only made history but will shape it forever.”

Girl, the only thing you’re honored about is the potential money you can make off of this young man. Ugh — I’m cringing at the thought of having Michael’s life exposed in this show, this will make endless headlines and Oprah will sit back laughing.

“I am proud of the focus on authentic storytelling in our new documentary series format,” she added. “The next real-life story we follow in The Untitled Michael Sam Project promises to spark valuable, important discussion on life in America today. Acceptance and illumination start here.”

Sam released his own statement, saying: “Like every player out there working to make a team right now, my focus is on playing football to the very best of my ability.”

“I am determined. And if seeing my story helps somebody else accept who they are and to go for their dreams too, that’s great. I am thankful to Oprah for her support and excited to work together.”

Just to clarify, Michael Sam was drafted a week ago. Oprah must’ve called him the very next day, flew him out to Chicago to ink the deal before having everything finalized for today’s announcement.

I love Oprah, but damn, she’s doing way too much.

Written by Merema Leures

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