Kim Kardashian, Kanye West French Wedding: Set to Marry in Florence at...

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West French Wedding: Set to Marry in Florence at Forte di Belvedere


kim kardashian kanye west weddingKim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding to Kanye West is now expected to take place in Florence, Italy on May 24th.

The couple, who originally planned to marry in Paris, have changed their minds as they were fortunate enough to get hold of Forte di Belvedere for the entire day.

Reports over in Italy are reporting that the wedding will be held at the famous Forte di Belvedere after Kanye made the whopping payment of 300,000 euros!

It’s unclear how long West and Kim decided to rent the place out for, but we’re going to assume it’s only for a day seeing that the price wasn’t cheap.

The location of Kimye’s wedding is absolutely stunning, especially after its renovation which took five years to build, Kanye and Kim definitely managed to get themselves a nice (and quiet) place to tie the knot.

The rapper has been in France for the past week, supposedly having paid the sum on Monday. Kanye West also met up with Italian designer Ermanno Scervino after his arrival in France, presumably to start deciding on what he wants to wear on his big day.

We’ve also learned that the E! cameracrew are not permitted to film the wedding, as Kim previously confirmed, saying that the show will only see Kim’s wedding before and after the marriage has taken place.

So if you’re a die-hard Kardashian fan (cringe), you’ll see everything leading up to the wedding and what the twosome did after they got married. How nice of them. Haha.

Of course this mixes in with previous outlets claiming that Kanye’s pals, including Beyonce and Jay-Z, weren’t interested in showing up if they were going to be filmed for a reality show, so Kim decided to pull the plug on having the wedding air on television.

Their wedding on May 24th will be Kim’s third and Kanye’s first.



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