Ellen Degeneres Divorce on Hold: Bribes Portia de Rossi As She Demands a Baby!

ellen degeneres portia de rossi split

ellen degeneres portia de rossi splitIs Ellen Degeneres bribing her wife, Portia de Rossi, to stop her from filing for divorce?

The tabloids have been fascinated with the whole “divorce” idea, having endlessly talked about an alleged split and how the couple were this close to announcing their breakup.

Of course we’re still waiting for that to happen.

But now, word on the street is that Ellen is trying to fix her marriage problems the best way she knows how. By allegedly bribing Portia with lavish gifts which she knows she can’t refuse.

According to CDL, Ellen is pampering her troubled wife with everything including a new house she recently purchased — all for the sake of their marriage.

The talk-show host is “trying to bribe Portia with a pretty house and a pretty spa, to make up for denying her a child,” the source writes, referring to the recent claim Portia wanted a baby and Ellen refused to even think about the idea.

There’s no denying that Ellen doesn’t want kids, she’s made this perfectly clear in the past. So why would Portia all of a sudden want to start a family knowing that her partner already ruled out the idea of having kids from the beginning?

And the thought of comparing a million dollar home to a baby is just ridiculous. So what we’re being told is that Ellen Degeneres doesn’t want a kid, so instead she buys Portia a house in hopes that she’ll be satisfied with that and most importantly it should then soothe out any of their issues.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to save your marriage, but if you’re going to do it through buying lavish gifts for you other half, then you may just call it quits now.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nicola Gossips

    May 19, 2014 at 5:08 am

    Portia take the money and go live your life. If Ellen doesn’t want kids, go have them without her (but with her money).

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