Beyonce Proceeds Jay-Z Divorce Over Cheating Allegations (PHOTO)

beyonce jay-z divorce breakup

beyonce jay-z divorce breakupBeyonce and Jay-Z are heading for divorce — a $1 billion divorce, that is.

The claim is coming from ‘Life & Style’ who report that Jay-Z’s cheating behavior has gotten to the point where Bey just can’t take it anymore.

Remember that infamous video clip of Solange smacking, kicking and spitting on Jay?

Well, the magazine is claiming that the reason why the whole thing between the three went down in the elevator is because Solange saw how disrespectful Jay was towards her sister.

Jay-Z was allegedly flirting with many women inside the Met Gala after party — from Rachel Roy to other stars while Beyonce sat back and tried to keep a smile on her face.

What we’ve all learned from the video is that Beyonce doesn’t like being caught in the middle of things, but this time she’s stepping up and proceeding with the divorce papers.

The magazine states how the singer doesn’t get the respect she deserves as a wife and clearly Jay’s head is elsewhere.

You don’t know what you got until it’s gone, right?

Sources for Life & Style reveal that the 32-year old is easily intimidated by other women who are around Jay-Z, hinting that the rapper’s cheating ways have made her insecure when it comes to her man.

If a man has cheated on a woman and the woman takes him back, I’m sure there’ll always be tensions in the relationship because you are never able to build that trust back — never!

Bey and Jay have argued so many times in the last few months. In fact, Solange has reportedly been spending a lot of time at the couple’s home because Yonce often needs a helping hand in her heated arguments that leave Jay storming out the house.

Don’t forget that last year when Jay was on tour, there were a lot of sources claiming Jay had hooked up with a blonde woman — he splurged champagne bottle to her and a few of her pals, but nothing else happened that night.

Then another girl came forward and explained how Jay supposedly approached her in a flirtations way, as if he wanted to bed her.

All of these things led to Beyonce forcing her hubby to follow her on the Mrs. Carter tour. Jay was “forced” to follow his wife on tour so that she can have a close eye on him while she’s working.

This marriage is starting to fall apart in front of our eyes. And you know what? After those pics were release of Beyonce smiling to the cameras right after the Solange/Jay-Z fight, I’m sure Beyonce is doing everything to cover up the divorce.

But on another note, Drake is single now… so… maybe — never mind.



  1. MrsGrapevine

    May 21, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    That’s total BS Bey stayed next to Jay-Z the whole time. If Solange tried to attack Jay-Z she covered him and vice versa toward the end. The fight was clearly between Solange and Jay-Z and not Beyonce and Jay-Z. You see a tired Beyonce stuck in the middle. At the end Beyonce makes Jay-Z get off the elevator first to diffuse the situation. Doesn’t look like a weak woman who needs her sister fighting her marital problems. It could have been as simple as Jay-Z not having Solange’s back and talking with Rachel Roy knowing Solange was beefing with her, and escalated from there. But this tape doesn’t show any signs of marital problems, or affairs.

  2. irti

    May 22, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    Wel wel wel… . I guess that elevator event wasn’t a good episode… they are being divorced..

    Beyoncé and Jay Z are in for $1 billion Divorce

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