Ashton Kutcher Told Demi Moore About Mila Kunis Pregnancy

Ashton Kutcher Told Demi Moore About Mila Kunis Pregnancy


demi moore ashton kutcher splitDemi Moore has reportedly given up on her relationship to Ashton Kutcher after learning he was expecting a baby with fiancee Mila Kunis.

Demi, who was convinced that the two wouldn’t last, was devastated to learn her ex-husband had impregnated his girl of two years because she supposedly always thought they would eventually make it back together.

Demi and Ashton split three years ago after the actress discovered Kutcher had been cheating on her with multiple women… on their wedding anniversary! 

According to sources, Ashton knows Demi can be very sensitive and because they’ve remained friends since their break-up, he felt it was appropriate to let her know about the pregnancy news before she ended up finding it out from a news outlet.

“It’s just Ashton’s style to inform Demi before the news broke. He was fully aware of how much Mila’s news would affect Demi and wanted to be the one to tell her personally.”

Though Demi congratulated her former lover, she’s still hurting inside from the whole thing. It’s so strange because Moore should’ve known the relationship was over right when Ashton finalized the divorce papers.

The 51-year old has been trying to move on from Ashton, but it’s been hard. She’s been dating a lot of younger guys in recent months, but all have come and gone because she can’t see herself settling down with them. They just aren’t like Ashton.

Will Demi ever be able to get over the fact that she’ll never be with her ex-husband again? I understand that she was with him for around six years, but the fact that he cheated on you should show you how much he cared for your feelings.

… and you know what they say — if he cheats on you, he’ll be cheating on the next one. That’s just the way it goes. So Demi, be thankful that you’re outta that relationship.



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