Iggy Azalea Suffers Technical Difficulties on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Finale —...

Iggy Azalea Suffers Technical Difficulties on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Finale — WATCH VIDEO

iggy azalea dwts fail

iggy azalea dwts failIggy Azalea suffered technical difficulties whilst performing her smash hit ‘Fancy’ on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ last night.

The Australian rapper was left puzzled and confused when she realized she couldn’t hear herself through the earpiece she was wearing. It was very notable when she wasn’t in sync with the backing track.

But hey, at least she wasn’t lip-syncing because if she was, the whole thing could’ve ended up being much worse than it was.

Being the professional that she is, Iggy acknowledged the situation to the audience before ripping the earpiece out of her ear to try and catch up with the song, having already missed a couple of lines from the track.

She eventually pulled it together and still rocked the performance. Gotta give credit where it’s due — the fact that she couldn’t hear herself, had to worry about the choreography and find the right time to jump in on the song is difficult, but she did a good job.

Her backing dancers didn’t flinch an inch when Iggy apologized to the audience during the performance. Iggy knew it was live television and she couldn’t just go back and do it again, so she had to keep it moving.

Azalea was joined on stage by her featured artist, Charli XCX, who seemed unfazed by what had just happened minutes before her entrance on stage.

Meanwhile, with the endless amount of promotion for the song, Iggy and Charli are expected to hit the number one spot by next week, analysts say. ‘Fancy’ continues to outsell songs such as Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ and Lil Jon’s ‘Turn Down For What’.

What the awkward performance below.



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