Jennifer Aniston in “Life of Crime” — Official Movie Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston in “Life of Crime” — Official Movie Trailer!


jennifer aniston life of crimeThe time where we don’t see Jennifer Aniston is another comedy movie has finally come.

The former ‘Friends’ starlet can be seen in the forthcoming movie ‘Life of Crime’ this August, where she plays a wife to an idiotic husband who refuses to pay her ransom after being kidnapped by a group of people.

I’m sure there’ll be some comedy moments in the film, but the fact that’s more or less based on the genre of “crime” makes it seem like Jennifer is finally coming out of her shell and is branching into more serious roles.

Word on the street was that Jen-An was “desperate” to win an Oscar in the near future, having had a two-decade career in the business and still awaits her Academy award.

Of course she wasn’t going to get an Oscar if she continued to stay in the “safe zone” but constantly making comedy films, so she’s trying out some more serious roles, and by the look of the just-released trailer, she’s definitely trying.

Is she giving an Oscar-worthy performance in this movie, probably not. But this is her first step to the road of winning an Academy award so well done to her.

Check out the trailer below:



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