Usher’s Ex-Wife Blames Liposuction Near Death Experience For Divorce — VIDEO

Usher’s Ex-Wife Blames Liposuction Near Death Experience For Divorce — VIDEO


usher raymond tamekaUsher’s ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, has revealed what she thinks may have been the reason why the famous star ended up filing for divorce.

There was so much controversy around their relationship; even Usher’s mom had distanced herself from her son because she was so much against the marriage and the idea of Tameka getting involved with her family.

Nevertheless, Usher never listened and went ahead with the marriage without his mom’s blessing. Well, that turned out to backfire him in the butt… big time! 


Tameka is now coming clean on how she acted when she was with the R&B superstar, recalling the time she would act out and make him feel uncomfortable while other times she could be “such a b-tch”.

All the revelations were made during an interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight’. Tameka, who has two kids with Usher, is set to appear on VH1’s new reality show ‘Atlanta Exes’ which premieres in August. I don’t know about you, but I’m watching.

Raymond stressed that not only was she rude and a extremely difficult at times, Usher was disgusted to learn his wife had flown to Brazil for liposuction, only to then almost die from the procedure after suffering from cardiac arrest.

“I did dumb stuff. I mean, I went to Brazil and tried to get lipo and almost died. I think that embarrassed him to like, “Oh no. I’m packing. She’s a nut,” she says.

I like the fact that she can admit her wrongs — because throughout her time with Usher, she always did seem like the crazy “mother” type of figure, she was never looked at as his wife.

Of course there’s way more to the story on why Usher would file the divorce papers, so hopefully she’s doing the dishing on the show which airs this summer. From the snippets I’ve seen, Tameka is fighting on this program as well.



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