Jennifer Lawrence Makes A Distasteful “Rape Scream” Joke!

Jennifer Lawrence Makes A Distasteful “Rape Scream” Joke!

jennifer lawrence rape

jennifer lawrence rapeAmerica’s sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, is being criticized for using the words “rape scream” when describing how excited she was to meet Gravity’s director, Alfonso Cuaron, at Cannes.

The actress flew out to France last week, and from the photos that have surfaced, she seemed to have a great time.

But her day couldn’t have gotten better when she met the famous director, responsible for the success of the Sandra Bullock-led film — who she admires.

So what did she say?

Lawrence was heard by the reporters saying: “I broke out my rape scream for you,” as she ran into Alfonso on the red carpet, before shouting: “Ahhhhh!!!”

A lot of media outlets are already coming to the actress’ defense, saying she clearly didn’t mean what she said, but had this been Chris Brown saying it, it would’ve been a whole different story.

Another example would be the Solange fight. Had that been a man putting his hands on a woman like that, he would’ve been locked up, but Solange is a woman and therefore gets different treatment.

No one is saying that Jennifer wasn’t joking – though she has yet to clear up the report – it’s interesting to see that she won’t be punished to the extreme if this had come from a male celebrity.

Are we overreacting or are we making a fair point? Had this come from someone like Chris, Leonardo DiCaprio or Diddy, they would’ve been scrutinzed for their comments.




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