Jay-Z, Beyonce Laughing Over Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s “Circus” Wedding in France

beyonce jay z wedding

beyonce jay z weddingJay-Z and Beyonce can’t stop laughing about this “circus” of a wedding they are attending this weekend — in reference to Kim and Kanye’s wedding.

The couple, who have told Kimye they’ll definitely show up to the event, find the whole thing pretty ridiculous.

You may remember that Jayonce weren’t going to go to the wedding in the beginning because of the fact that E! cameras were set to film the entire thing for television — something that the two are very much against.

So after Kanye heard about the complaint Jay made, he scrapped the idea of having the wedding on TV — all just because he wants the famous couple to attend.

Though Jay and Bey probably have better things to do in their lives, they wouldn’t want to let Kanye West down seeing that he’s been a close friend for over a decade.

But for some reason, Jay can’t seem to take the whole marriage seriously. Almost as if he’s convinced the relationship isn’t going to last, a source reveals.

“He likes Kanye and Kim, but totally talks smack about them behind their backs. When he was asked about the wedding he just laughed and said, ‘The circus goes to Paris!’”

“The best news came when Jay sent a gift to Kanye with an inscription referring to Jay Z as the rapper’s ‘Best Man.’ The gift was a gold-plated, diamond-encrusted flask, delivered with a $10,000 bottle of scotch, for Kanye to have for his wedding day.”

kim kanye kardashian jay z beyonce

I totally understand where he’s coming from. When Jay and Bey married in 2008, they didn’t travel to any fancy locations, they simply tied the knot at a private ceremony in New York where they reside.

But Kanye’s expensive idea on having the whole Kardashian family fly out to Paris, rent out an expensive venue for the guests along with food, travel and living expenses, it’s all just too much.

When a couple usually ends up splashing so much money on a wedding, you kinda think to yourself whether they’re doing this for show or whether they’re doing this to make it one of their best memories they’ll have.

Many are still convinced the marriage will only last 73 days — a day longer than Kim’s previous marriage to Kris Humphries.

After hearing that his pals were planning to come to the wedding, a source revealed how happy Yeezus was: “Kanye was almost jumping up and down, he was so excited. He was running around Kris‘ house to find Kim saying, ‘Baby, look! Look! Jay and B are coming!’”

“Kanye has been begging Jay to reconsider his decision not to come to the wedding, an even more devastating decision that left Kanye groomsman-less when he declined being his best man during the televised nuptials.”

Don’t get it twisted though — the music mogul is only attending because of his tight relationship with Kanye. “Jay doesn’t mind Kanye, but Kim is a big knock on his reputation. She doesn’t exactly have street cred.”

Written by Merema Leures

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