Paris Jackson Quitting Boarding School to Live With Mother, Debbie Rowe!

Paris Jackson Quitting Boarding School to Live With Mother, Debbie Rowe!

debbie rowe mother paris jackson

debbie rowe paris jacksonParis Jackson is begging her grandmother to give her permission to stay at her mother, Debbie Rowe’s home as she continues therapeutic treatment following her attempted suicide stint.

The 16-year old daughter to Michael Jackson is said to be feeling miserable at the Diamond Ranch Academy she’s currently enrolled in, having told her family that she hates the school and doesn’t think it’s the best place for her to be.

Paris started the school last year, just months after she tried to take her own life following many scandals and the deep depression she faced when her father passed away in 2009.

Doctors have since said that Paris isn’t having mood swings anymore, she’s at a much better state than she was a year ago, but nevertheless, she wants to spend the following months with her mom in hopes to rebuild their relationship and be around people that truly care for her.

Sources say that Paris is trying to convince Michael’s mom, Katherine Jackson, that she’s capable of handling herself in a mature way if she was given the permission to live with her mother.

Katherine is the legal guardian of the youngster — a role that Debbie has been fighting in court for, but has yet to hear back from the judge.

debbie rowe mother paris jackson

So in the meantime, Paris will have to get through MJ’s mom in order to be granted the rights to live with her momma and drop out of the boarding school she’s been doing so well at.

Of course the 84-year old hasn’t budged nor changed her mind just yet, but maybe if Debbie was to have a word, they can come to some kind of agreement?

It’s a given fact that Paris Jackson is always on her best behavior with her mom. Weeks before her suicide attempt, Paris posted a bunch of photos of herself with Debbie as a source at the time revealed the two are getting closer and closer by the day.

Rowe was absent from her daughter’s life right from the beginning so now that they’re getting to the point where they are super close, there’s no need for Katherine not to allow Paris to be with her mother.

She could then start school in Palmdale where Debbie lives — the area is super quiet, unlike Hollywood. Debbie has a huge ranch filled with horses and other animals so Paris would probably never get bored.



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