Rob Kardashian Skips Kim Kardashian Wedding After Huge Fight Over His Weight Gain

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This is heartbreaking.

Rob Kardashian reportedly flew home to Los Angeles just hours before Kim’s wedding to Kanye West after she ridiculed him about his weight.

The 27-year old, who has been struggling with his weight gain for over a year, reportedly got into a big argument with Kim in the late hours on Friday night — hours before all the guests would fly out to Florence where Kimye would tie the knot. 

The argument stemmed from Kim allegedly thinking Rob would be an “embarrassment” to show up to the wedding looking the way he did — referring to his weight.

The 33-year old has supposedly shown her brother a lot of support in the past 12 months but she thinks it’s all a big joke now; she doesn’t understand why he didn’t get in shape, especially for her wedding.

Wow — so, she wanted him to get in shape just for her sake? Makes sense.

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“There was a huge fight on Friday evening. Rob and Kim went back on forth all because of his weight gain,” a source weighed in.

“Rob knew that Kim had a problem with him being overweight while attending his wedding because she likes everything to be perfect and her brother is currently far from it.”

That’s pretty disgusting for someone’s sister to think that way about their brother. Clearly Rob Kardashian is facing depression. It’s one thing to say you’re overweight and want to change your life by getting healthy, but it’s another to actually be facing depression and being overweight.

Either way, Rob reportedly responded to Kim’s harsh comments by saying he’d save her the embarrassment by flying home, and so he did.

Rob arrived at LAX airport yesterday afternoon while the entire family prepared for Kim’s big day in Italy.

The ‘Arthur George’ sock line founder described the whole wedding process to be so “superficial” and “bullsh*t,” very similar to what Jay-Z called the build up to the marriage when the music mogul said it’s like a “big circus”.

Don’t worry Rob, you can attend Kim’s next wedding.

Written by Merema Leures

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