Lil Wayne Slams Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter Braun Over Lil Twist Feud

Lil Wayne Slams Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter Braun Over Lil Twist Feud


lil wayne twist scooter braunLil Wayne bashed Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun on camera after the music mogul allegedly banned his artists from being anywhere near Wayne’s protege, Lil Twist.

You may recall Justin spending a lot of time with Twist and Lil Za throughout 2013.

Well, Scooter put all the blame on the two boys, saying that if Justin hadn’t been surrounded himself with Twist in particular, Bieber wouldn’t have suffered all the media backlash.

Back in October Lil Twist made the allegations that Scooter Braun was in contact with several people from the press to try and push Justin’s mistakes on him in order to paint him as the bad guy in the scandals, such as the weed smoking, drugs being found in Justin’s home, etc.

“It’s been people I’ve surrounded myself with that’s put false information out to help their Twist said at the time. It was all planned out… All a set up.. Every story. … Fuk em… But I leave it there .. Now u know…. But what up I’m back,” Twist said at the time.

Now Weezy is jumping to his defense in a new video that was posted last night which sees Wayne, Twist and their entourage depart a private jet, before making their way over to the cameraman where the YMCB founder had a few things to say to Scooter.

“I heard this bitch-ss n—a Scooter talkin’ sh– about my little brother. This my brother. Anything you have to say, when you see us, say it to my motherf—king face.”

The 31-year-old then went on to add that while he and Twist were out in France, they were actually on vacation with Justin Bieber, which is definitely not going to sit too well with Scooter who has been trying everything he can to keep Justin on the “squeaky clean” side.

It’s pretty ridiculous. Justin isn’t a child and should be allowed to make his own decisions.

But then again, Justin’s career has a lot of people behind it who depend on a certain pay check at the end of the day, so if Justin does something wrong, it affects everybody.

I believe that while Weezy and Twist were in France, Justin told them about Scooter telling him he should distance himself from the YMCMB group, which aggravated Wayne to the point where he ended up slamming Bieber’s manager on camera.



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