Selena Gomez Quitting Music to Return to Acting Following Rehab Stint for...

Selena Gomez Quitting Music to Return to Acting Following Rehab Stint for Alcohol Abuse


selena gomez justin bieber drunkSelena Gomez is putting her music career on hold to return to her roots — making movies and starring in TV shows.

Word is that the 21-year old wants to get back into the thing that made her a teen sensation, thanks to her roles on ‘Barney,’ and ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’.

“Selena has missed being on the set of a television show. She loves having a daily routine of waking up in the morning and knowing exactly what she’s expected to do and what the day has in store for her” the source explained.

Putting her music career on hold will also give the ‘Come & Get It’ singer some time to rest following a lot of drama during her last concert.

Selena famously postponed a couple of shows last year for what she said was down to stress — certain blogs claimed she was heading to rehab instead, though that story was never commented on by her reps.

But funny enough, in January it was confirmed that Gomez checked into Meadows rehab in Arizona for reasons that were never explained. Sources on the other hand say she was battling an addiction with Xanax and alcohol — the mixture of the two can be deadly, they say.

Anyone knows that being on the road for months and months whilst being away from family and friends can be hard on anybody, especially someone as fragile as Selena.

It seems like a good move if she does end up returning to television. She’ll be able to settle down in one place without having to relocate constantly, the pay is probably going to be better than ever before and she’ll have time for herself on top of that.

I do wonder what she’d have in mind in terms of acting and what she could probably do on TV. I doubt she’d want to return to Disney Channel, having recently fired her parents as her managers.



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