Swizz Beatz Cheating on Alicia Keys: Attempts Hookup with Fitness Model via...

Swizz Beatz Cheating on Alicia Keys: Attempts Hookup with Fitness Model via Instagram!

alicia keys swizz beatz cheating

alicia keys swizz beatz cheatingIs Swizz Beatz cheating on Alicia Keys?

If we were to judge it by his recent activities on Instagram, then we’d definitely say so because Swizz has been liking quite a few pics on the photo-sharing site, and they’re all by the same person.

According to MediaTakeOut, the famous producer got caught liking photos from fitness model Lita Lewis — her pics are definitely very revealing, and many of them ended up being liked by a married man. Yup, Swizz Beatz.

One could say that Swizz liking the photos means nothing, but for a guy who’s in a committed relationship to follow women on Instagram that are pretty much half naked, seems to be too much if you ask us. Don’t you think so too?

See the photos below!

The 35-year old was also caught commenting on some of the photos, writing to Lita that she should DM him on Instagram. Okay, now to those people who thought him liking the photo was innocent, what about him asking her to get in contact with him?

This whole thing shouldn’t surprise anyone — especially not me — because we all know Swizz Beatz’s history with women.

He famously left his ex-wife, Mashonda, whilst allegedly having a secret affair with Alicia Keys at the time. Wait a minute! I take the “alleged” back because Mashonda publicly admitted that the Grammy-award winner is a home wrecker who broke up her marriage. Yikes!

But the famous saying, “how you get him is how you’ll leave him” continues to be an accurate representation of many relationships and couples who got together through cheating.

But I’m still intrigued to know whether or not you think the whole thing is innocent and that Alicia Keys has nothing to worry about.

swizz beatz cheating


  1. A man shouldn’t be liking pictures of other women, half naked women especially, if he is in a loving relationship with his wife. As for getting that trainer for his wife? His wife is a pretty competent lady and I’m sure she could handle something like that on her own. My guess would be he wanted that trainer around for other reasons, one being because HE “liked” her. Ahem..


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