From the Vault: Ashanti’s ‘Rain on Me’ Music Video

From the Vault: Ashanti’s ‘Rain on Me’ Music Video


ashanti rain on me violence abuseI randomly went through a couple of music videos today and stumbled across Ashanti’s ‘Rain on Me’.

The song, off of Ashanti’s second studio album ‘Chapter 2,’ explains the story of a jealous boyfriend — played by Larenz Tate — who can’t seem to deal with his girlfriend’s success and fame. 

Watching the video to the song makes you appreciate how music videos were directed back in the day. This one in particular, helmed by Hype Williams, uses beautiful cinematography effects to portray the story of a broken couple — or shall I say a brokenhearted and puzzled woman.

As I rewatched the video for the first time in years, I couldn’t stop thinking about Tina Turner and how much it resembled her own private life when she was still with her abuse ex-spouse, Ike Turner. I only recently watched ‘What’s Love Got to Do With,’ the movie.

‘Rain on Me’ charted well across the globe, heading straight to number 7 in the U.S, while it also managed to peak at 19 in the UK and number 2 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop songs. Not to forget its consistent demand on MTV, becoming one of the most-played videos on the station in ’03.

Trivia: Ashanti famously partnered with Family Violence Prevention Fund and LidRock for the music video to help promote awareness to the cause.

Let us take you back to 2003 with this beautiful song:



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