K. Michelle and Perez Hilton Feuding Over Iggy Azalea’s Music Success

K. Michelle and Perez Hilton Feuding Over Iggy Azalea’s Music Success


k michelle fightK. Michelle and Perez Hilton went back and forth in a stupid argument about Iggy Azalea earlier today — all because the singer reportedly didn’t feel respected by Iggy.

So here’s what happened. K made it known that she feels “offended” by the fact that the Aussie-born artist is rapping like she was from Memphis, is also able to chart extremely well with her song ‘Fancy,’ yet at the same time K. Michelle doesn’t receive the same support.

Mind you, K. Michelle was born in Memphis.

The hashtag “offended” proved that the former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star felt some type of way by the supposed fact that Iggy has the same kind of style that Michelle has when it comes to music, yet K isn’t getting the recognition for her work.

“How can you be from another country and rap like you’re from Memphis TN? But u don’t hear me though #offended,” she wrote on Twitter.

Perez Hilton, clearly not amused by the message, wrote back: “I think you chose the wrong hashtag and meant to say #jealous instead!,” and from this point on, it just went downhill.

You can catch all of the foolery between the two below, but let’s just say that their Twitter spat went back and forth for at least an hour before both parties decided to cool it down.

Perez has become known for getting himself into many celebrity feuds, whether it’s on Twitter, in person or on talk-shows so this latest one shouldn’t have come as a surprise either.

But, I’ve gotta give it to him because nothing about Iggy screams K. Michelle to me in the sense that I would think the two are very similar.

Iggy has been rapping the same ever since she first came in the industry back in 2011. She’s been grinding, working hard, pulling up to interviews that didn’t even know who she was, and all the hustling has paid off.

K. Michelle just sounding’ bitter.

Oh, isn’t K. Michelle also feuding with Tamar Braxton?

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