Meet Kenya Moore’s Alleged African Prince: Real Housewife Shows Off New Man!

Meet Kenya Moore’s Alleged African Prince: Real Housewife Shows Off New Man!

kenya moore african prince

kenya moore african princeKenya Moore has finally unveiled the man in her life — though it’s unclear whether this is the “African Prince” she’s been gushing about throughout last season’s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’.

The reality star and former ‘Miss USA‘ left a lot of fans buzzing when she posed for a photo with a male companion who seems to be kissing her neck as she smiles at him.

Moore gave one hell of a caption for the photo, writing:

“That moment when you think about closing your eyes or getting hot grits… #tobeinlove #tobesafe #toletyourguarddown #toforgive #toloveunconditionally #topickyourbattles #tobeprotected #toletshitgo #tofightfair #tobecommitted Love is a choice, to trust is a choice. You choose your fate. You can’t let other people and the past dictate how you treat others. #timetoheal”

So are we convinced that this guy is actually her lover. Or better yet, do we actually believe that this is her so-called African Prince?

Well, what we do know is that producers are gearing up to hand out contracts for Atlanta’s next series which starts shooting over the summer. Perhaps Kenya is worried she may not be invited back to the show seeing that she really has no storyline to play with.

Now that Apollo Nida is more than likely going to face jail time for his identity theft charges – which he recently pled guilty for – Kenya can’t flirt with him like she used to.

I guarantee you that the man in her photos on Instagram is probably her new assistant or someone she just recently met through a friend. She probably asked him to get in bed with her and take a photo to silence the haters who say her “African Prince” doesn’t exit.

But then again, why am I hating? Do what you gotta do in order to make sure you’re back on the next series. Gotta keep making that money, right? Haha.

kenya moore african prince photo



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