One Direction Weed Smoking Drug Scandal Causes #CutForZouis Twitter Trend

One Direction Weed Smoking Drug Scandal Causes #CutForZouis Twitter Trend


zayn malik louis tomlinson drugs weedFollowing the leaked video release of Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik smoking weed on their way home from Peru, ‘#CutForZouis’ started trending on Twitter.

The video clip, which was exclusively obtained by ‘Daily Mail,’ shows the two One Direction boys smoke a joint in the back of their car as they head back to their hotel following a show in Peru.

The hashtag is seriously disturbing, but of course not the first time we’ve seen this happen.

“CutForBieber” consistently trended whenever Justin Bieber was caught up in media scandals that might have made him look bad towards his fans.

The hashtag “CutForZouis” pretty much just stands for 1D fans cutting themselves over this so-called media backlash from Zayn and Louis who were caught smoking weed.

Really? Is it that big of a deal?

To each their own right? Well, One Direction fans aren’t taking it lightly — though I do worry what kind of fans these guys have though because this is quite worrying, regardless of whether it was a joke or not. Did it amuse you when you heard about it?

Both Zayn and Louis have yet to comment on the video, which I’m sure they’ll do sooner than later seeing that fans have started making cringe-worthy hashtags trend and it’s getting out of hand.


  1. Are you serious?? -_- People actually care about this? This is insane. Can we just be rid of all of this weed stigma? Marijuana is perfectly fine. There are actual “fish to fry” in this world. While on the topic of weed we could talk about the US government constantly overstepping into the lives of peaceful people in the name of the “War on Drugs” as well as raiding legal marijuana dispensaries. Marijuana is not moral or immoral, it is amoral, meaning that is not within the realm of morality. It just is. It has many benefits and there are no recorded deaths in human history caused by marijuana (unless you count a ton of marijuana falling on a guy, maybe we should ban pianos…). This is the result of propaganda convincing people that marijuana is somehow “bad”. In my opinion many people should really get it together and think for themselves.
    (one last thing, many of the hashtaggers are probably trolls having a bit of fun anyway haha, I at least hope most of them aren’t actually serious, if so they might have some real mental issues)


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