Miranda Lambert Eating Disorder: Obsessed Dieting Worrying Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert Eating Disorder: Obsessed Dieting Worrying Blake Shelton


miranda lambert blake cheatMiranda Lambert has lost so much weight that it’s starting to worry her close pals, and her hubby Blake Shelton.

The report comes from Star magazine, the same outlet that said Miranda’s weight loss was down to her trying to stop her man from cheating around town.

Miranda “has dropped a dramatic amount of weight and now those close to her — including husband — are seriously concerned about her increasingly militant attitude toward her physique,” their so-called sources reveal.

“Getting thin has become her whole life,” another insider added before revealing that the country starlet has become very insecure in her own skin following dozens of reports claiming Blake was planning to leave her for another woman.

Don’t pretend like you didn’t see all the media outlets going after the couple, explaining how Miranda was disgusted when she found out Blake had been having an affair behind her back.

Her weight loss was believed to have started last year when she became suspicious of Shelton’s close relationship with Christina Aguilera — Miranda started to get the impression the two might have become more than just friends, Star revealed at the time.

So the whole “losing weight” thing started because she didn’t think her hubby thought she was attractive enough in order for him to appreciate what he has at home as opposed to “get drunk” and flirt with younger girls.

“Her obsession with weight loss has made things very tense,” because she’s so picky with everything that she does these days. From her calorie intake to only wearing size 0 and XS clothing, Lambert is taking this dieting to the extreme.

“She gets mad when he eats carbs around her, but he likes cheeseburgers and pizza. If she even smells it in the house, she goes nuts, accusing Blake of being unsupportive.”

Bless her heart.



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