Daniel Radcliffe’s New Romantic Film ‘What If’ Will Charm Us With His...

Daniel Radcliffe’s New Romantic Film ‘What If’ Will Charm Us With His Accent


daniel radcliffeNo wizard role will be present in Daniel Radcliffe’s new romantic film ‘What If.’ But you may fall more in love with Radcliffe after watching the trailer for his new CBS Films movie.

The film is set to be released on August 1 and frankly, I do not think I can wait that long. Radcliffe plays Wallace, a romantic medical school dropout who meets Chantry played by Zoe Kazan.

Wallace has encountered many failed relationships and hopes he has a chance with Chantry. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend and defines Wallace as her friend. He is upset since he begins to fall in love with her as he manages with elusive love.

Mackenzie Davis, Adam Diver, Oona Chaplin co-star. It is nice to see Radcliffe branch out from the Harry Potter films and tackle a fairy-tale love role. Just from watching the trailer, this mushy love movie will have every girl head-over-heels for Radcliffe.

According to a Yahoo! interview, when asked about men and women being solely friends Radcliffe responded, “I’ve got loads of female friends, but I think it’s a different question when sexual or romantic attractions come into play.”

“Can two people who are romantically attracted to each other just be friends? Possibly not, because I think in the end, you’re always going to end up having the conversation. It may be that you have the conversation where you confess your undying love for her and then you work it out from there. Or it may be that you end up getting together, or it may be that you end up never speaking again.”

As we know, you can never really just be friends if there is an attraction and spark. The trailer leaves us with the question “What if your soul mate is actually your best friend?”



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