The Janoskians Confirm Hollywood Movie Deal with Lionsgate!

The Janoskians Confirm Hollywood Movie Deal with Lionsgate!


the janoskians movieOnly a couple days after they announced that they’re going on their second world tour, The Janoskians revealed they will be starring in a movie.

The Janoskians (just another name of silly kids in another nation) are a group of five Aussie boys. These silly kids are Beau, Luke, Jai, Daniel, and James. Luke and Jai are twins and are also brothers with Beau.

They like to make it clear that they are not a boy band, but rather a comedy group. Like many other people these days, they began their career on YouTube. They film everything to pranks, stunts, dares, skits, mockumentaries, and they even have their own music videos. (Check out their new music video ‘Real Girls Eat Cake‘!)

If you have never heard of them from their hilarious videos, you may know Jai (Brooks) as Ariana Grande’s on and off again boyfriend.

On May 28th, the official Janoskian Twitter account tweeted, “We would just like to thank everyone who supported us and believed in us. We are proud to announce we are making a movie with Lionsgate”.

20-year-old Beau (Brooks), the oldest, has been quoted saying, “In our wildest dreams we never thought we would end up working with a company like Lionsgate. They take risks, break rules and make epic movies.”

He added: “We can’t wait to take our pranks and jokes to the next level. We know we are lucky, and we will make the most of it, we promise you.”

I’m predicting the movie is going to be very similar to the Jackass movies. Since The Janoskians have become famous through social media, many of their fans are probably younger than the typical Jackass fan…but trust me this won’t stop them from being completely insane and raunchy.

If it’s anything like their videos on YouTube, it’s going to be a hit!



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