Benji and Joel Madden Prep for New Album, Ditching ‘Good Charlotte’ Name

Benji and Joel Madden Prep for New Album, Ditching ‘Good Charlotte’ Name


benji joel madden musicWelcome back Madden twins! Benji and Joel are going by the Madden Brothers now. They no longer refer to themselves as Good Charlotte, but don’t worry, they said “Good Charlotte will always be, it’s in our DNA”.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ interviewed the brothers to find out more about their music and and daily life. Joel said, “We’ve been working for almost three years on this Madden Brothers record and were so happy to finally be done with it”.

Their album, Greetings From California, will be released in October. It features tracks that were co-created with Pharrell Williams.

Continuing the theme of twins and two brothers, Benji and Joel decided to make the album two-sided.

During the interview, the Madden brothers discussed what has been going on in their lives outside of the music. Joel has been married to Nicole Richie for four years now and they have two children together.

Joel seems to be very happy. He said, “Everything’s great. The kids are real kids, they’re like full-grown…Life is good. I can’t complain. I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful life. I love California. I love living in California. I thank God everyday when I wake up in L.A.” Joel mentioned that much of the inspiration for the album came from living in California.

Benji, on the other hand, is not married and does not have kids. There have been rumors that Benji is dating Cameron Diaz. When Ryan Seacrest asked about her in the interview, Benji shyed away from answering.

To get a sneak peak of what “Greetings From California”, listen to their single “We are Done” out now on iTunes!



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