Juan Pablo, Nikki Ferrell Join ‘Couples Therapy,’ Attempt to Save Their Broken...

Juan Pablo, Nikki Ferrell Join ‘Couples Therapy,’ Attempt to Save Their Broken Relationship


juan pablo nikki couples therapySupposedly everything “is not okay” for Juan Pablo. The Bachelor’s “not so favorite” couple Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell have signed up to be on VH1’s Couples Therapy.

The shock in this story is not that the couple is need of therapy, but that it took this long (and that they are still together!). From never saying ‘I love you’ to not proposing to Nikki, most of America began to dislike Juan Pablo.

Months after The Bachelor finale, they are still in a long distance relationship. Juan Pablo remains living in Miami and Nikki in Kansas City. 

It’s a bit ironic that the couple would sign up for the show, since Juan Pablo said he wanted to get his relationship out of the public eye…but let’s be honest we all know Juan Pablo’s loves the spotlight.

Reality star Steve was the first to confirm the news that the couple would be joining the show. VH1 has yet to comment or confirm the couple jointing the series. Apparently, saying something would be against Juan Pablo’s contract with ABC.

The show does not air until September, but they have already started filming. The unsteady couple is seeking help from Dr. Jenn Berman.

Juan Pablo and Nikki are not the first Bachelor couple to be on the VH1 series. Jake Pavelka and Vienna Giradi from season 14 of The Bachelor were also on Couples Therapy. They later split, so here is to better luck for Juan Pablo and Nikki.

Everything will be ‘okay’.



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