Michelle Williams’ Tour ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Axed Due to Poor Ticket Sales

Michelle Williams’ Tour ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Axed Due to Poor Ticket Sales


michelle williams tour axedThe struggle is real for Destiny’s Child member, Michelle Williams.

The third lead vocalist in the girl group must be shocked to learn that her gospel-filled tour ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ has been canceled — just one week before it was supposed to kickoff.

Producers reportedly axed the tour due to poor ticket sales which would’ve seen Michelle and other celebs tour North America as they share their gospel message to fans in venues big enough to fill thousands of people.

I feel bad for Michelle — things seemed to be going great for her until now. She’s expected to drop her new single ‘Say Yes’ featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland on iTunes while the music video was to drop during the first show, but the tables have turned again.

I really don’t understand why the struggle is so hard for Michelle and Kelly — they’re both talented, but for some reason they just don’t connect with the fans the way that Beyonce does. Now if Beyonce said she’d perform on this tour with Michelle, I guarantee you that the tickets would’ve sold out in minutes.

But despite the fact that Michelle won’t be touring no more, she’s still got that upcoming show ‘Fix My Choir’ on Oxygen that’s set to premiere this summer. As far as we know, the show is still going ahead and no signs of it being canceled before it even airing.

Speaking of her passion to spread God’s message through reality TV and in her music, Michelle says: “I am to speak the word of God through my music and I even have opportunities, say in theater, or other things that I do individually … to just be a light.”

You can’t hate on a girl who’s preaching God’s message. Michelle Williams better do her thing — Jesus has already prepared her ticket to heaven. #IKnowThatsRight.

Sidenote: I LOVE Michelle. She’s adorable. Check out the video below where she recalled her most embarrassing moments during her career!



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