‘Brady Bunch’ Actress Ann B. Davis Dies At 88

‘Brady Bunch’ Actress Ann B. Davis Dies At 88


ann b deadAnn B. Davis passed away at the age of 88 after the star fell and smacked her head at her house.

She remained knocked out and was taken to the hospital in San Antonio, Texas where she passed away. The star suffered a subdural hematoma which led her to remain unconscious.

Davis is known for her role as Alice on ‘The Brady Bunch‘ where she played the housekeeper to the family of eight.

She acted as a optimistic and clever character in her signature baby blue maid’s uniform  with a white apron. Even in the television’s theme song she appeared in the center of the grid along with the Brady family.

Along with her sitcom role, she also was a two-time Emmy winner after landing the role of Charmaine “Schultzy” Schultz on the television show “The Bob Cummings Show.” Acting as the secretary helped her win the two awards and she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960.

After migrating to different cities she settled her life near San Antonio, Texas. She began to focus on religion and bible study, but still accepted acting parts through the years.

She is now the second “Brady Bunch” cast member to pass away after Robert Reed, also known as Mike Brady’s father, died in 1992.

Davis was well recognized as peacekeeper Alice on the family sitcom and her legacy will live on, as she stated, “For most people, I’m just Alice. But I don’t mind. Now If i were Alice the ax murderer, then I’d hate it.”



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