Chris Brown Finally Released from Jail — DETAILS!

Chris Brown Finally Released from Jail — DETAILS!

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Chris Brown has been released from jail after having spent most of 2014 behind bars.

The chart-topping R&B singer was released earlier today despite having been ordered to spend another year in jail following his probation violation after allegedly having made “sexual contact” with a female worker in rehab — the same facility he was kicked out from.

But the sentence was drastically reduced seeing that Chris had already done 116 days in rehab whilst having completed 60 days in jail — all in all the time that he’s already done are being looked at as credits, so he’s pretty much completed his year’s sentence.

But, the singer shouldn’t get too happy because the worst is sorta yet to come. I sorta sorta because nothing is really worse than being stuck in jail.

The 25-year old, who spent his birthday behind bars, will still have to stand trial for the Washington D.C case which he still denies any wrongdoing for. The victim who claims Chris punched him in the fact that night, isn’t retracting his story — but maybe a $50,000 will make this whole thing go away?

Whether Brown is guilty of hitting the guy or not, he should just pay him off to avoid anymore court hearings and jail times. I think this has been a HUGE learning lesson for Chris who was constantly getting himself into trouble with the law.

We were told earlier this year that Chris had learned his lesson and vows to never return to jail because he’s changing his ways as soon as he leaves his cell. But of course only time can tell on whether he’s actually going to follow through with it.

During his time in jail, Chris Brown missed seeing the success of his song ‘Loyal’ hit the Billboard Hot 100, and even enter the top 10. He also missed seeing the video footage of Solange whooping Jay-Z’s butt, which I’m sure he’ll watch sometime today. Haha.

Chris, stay positive and stay away from trouble.


  1. Rihanna was so in love with him, even after the incident. I look at old photos and she’s always leaning into him, holding him, looking at him eye to eye, and just smitten. Welp!!! TOO bad it’s over between them, and Chris Brown messed that up. I only said all of that to say that she never looked at Drake like that, and that picture brought back memories…


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