Ginnifer Goodwin Gives Birth to Baby Boy With Husband Josh Dallas

Ginnifer Goodwin Gives Birth to Baby Boy With Husband Josh Dallas

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ginnifer goodwinCongratulations to new parents Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas! Goodwin welcomed her new baby boy with her husband on Thursday.

The couple announced their expectation of a child back in November after they  publicized their engagement one month before.

The pair began dating in the fall of 2011 after being introduced on the set of ABC‘s Once Upon A Time.

The television drama series is about a town where the citizens are fairy tale characters placed in the real word. All characters are stripped of their memories by a potent curse. What is even cuter is that Goodwin and Dallas play Snow White and Prince Charming in their show.

After finishing filming their show, the duo married on April 12 in a private ceremony in Venice, California. Now that they had their fairy tale wedding, they have received a baby boy (or a prince). Goodwin went on  Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week to discuss her pregnancy stating, “It’s like alien stuff.”

Every time I see Goodwin, I just associate her with her role as “Gigi” in the film He’s Just Not That Into You. She played a single (I would say desperate) woman who does not understand the signals and actions from her dates and men she meets.

The role causes her to misinterpret when a guy does not call you and she eventually learns that there are rules and exceptions of dating and she is the exception to one man she meets. She finds her fairy tale ending just as she has in real life.

Best wishes to the couple on your new baby boy and kudos Ginnifer for finding a sexy real life Prince Charming.



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