Was Ray J Arrested For Spitting On Cops?

Was Ray J Arrested For Spitting On Cops?


ray j arrestedRay J encountered his first arrest for battery, trespassing, and vandalism at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel over the weekend.

Police received complaints about sexual battery where he was said to have grabbed a female’s butt. Later it was decided that no sexual battery took place and it was an accident.

The singer and songwriter agreed to exit the hotel, but when arrived at the valet he became hostile and aggressive with the valets.

He refused to leave the hotel leading to more commotion. Police arrested the singer for trespassing and placed him in the cop car where he supposedly used his feet to break a window of the vehicle.

This led police to pull him out of the car and restrain his feet. He became pugnacious and spit at an officer. Due to his unwillingness to cooperate with the police, he was also charged with resisting arrest, vandalism, and battery on a police officer.

Infamous for producing a sex tape with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, this new incident is not helping his reputation get any better soon. The tape made by the duo back in 2003, was leaked in 2007. Though this video is old news, associating with a Kardashian does not always help you reputation either.

He did not post any tweets regarding the incident, but tweeted motivational quotes the past few days after. Ray J posted $20,0000 bail and was released within hours.



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