Jennifer Aniston Jealous Over Angelina Jolie’s Success with ‘Maleficent’

Jennifer Aniston Jealous Over Angelina Jolie’s Success with ‘Maleficent’

angelina jolie jennifer aniston fight feud

angelina jolie jennifer aniston fight feudJennifer Aniston is reportedly fuming over the success of Angelina Jolie’s new movie ‘Maleficent’ which grossed a whopping $70 million in its opening weekend.

The family film took in another $100 million worldwide and has quickly become Jolie’s most successful opening weekend film since ‘Wanted’ which took in $50 million in 2008.

But with all the great news also comes jealous and envy, which is what Jennifer Aniston is reportedly going through.

The 45-year-old was stunned to learn how well Angie’s new movie did at the box office, mainly because Jennifer has never been able to pull in that much money in such a short amount of time.

Having starred in ‘Bruce Almighty’ back in 2003, the movie made $67 million in its opening week but Jennifer wasn’t look at as a main character in the film and most of the success was supposedly down to Jim Carrey’s popularity at the time.

“Jennifer is livid that Angelina continues to outshine her,” a source said. “She doesn’t even understand why people like her, or the movie — Jennifer thinks the film was ‘just another movie’ that should’ve gone straight to DVD.”

With all of this speculation on Jennifer’s feud with Angie, there were also reports in recent months claiming that the two actresses have been bumping heads after Aniston allegedly reached out to Brad Pitt “as a friendly gesture.”

There have been rumours floating around about the two’s heated feud. STAR magazine reported last year that in an attempt to make Jennifer jealous, Angelina slept with Brad in Aniston’s favorite hotel just to get the one-up in their supposed ongoing dispute.

Should the source be accurate that Angelina’s success with her new Disney movie is making Jennifer jealous then she really needs to get her life together. I keep getting this feeling that she’s still trying to hold on to Brad and can’t get over the fact that he left her for another woman.


  1. I doubt this is true. Jennifer knows her acting has been sub-par to Angelina’s for years. I think Jennifer is happy and surprised that she makes as much as she does per movie and still gets leading roles in rom-coms at 45. I love her crossover into dark humor. Dark humor works well for her.


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