Andy Cohen Producing New Reality Show ‘I Slept With a Celebrity’

Andy Cohen Producing New Reality Show ‘I Slept With a Celebrity’


andy cohen new reality showBravo’s Andy Cohen is in the works of producing a new reality TV show “I Slept With a Celebrity”. As the news breaks of the possibility of this new show, there are celebrities all over the world beginning to freak out.

The Hollywood Reporter has said that “each weekly episode will feature two guests dishing about how their walk with fame led to a walk of shame, describing where they met, where they went and what they wore-or didn’t.”

According to several media outlets, the show might not be on Bravo. At the moment, various networks have looked at it. The question is whether or not people will watch it.

It will most likely be similar to other reality shows, where people talk about how much they hate it, but continue to watch every episode.

Most celebrities wouldn’t mind if they were asked to be on Andy’s current show, ‘What What Happens Live,’ however I think they are going to grow a new hatred towards him if the new program comes through.

Entertainment Weekly thinks celebrities will no longer be interested in being on Andy’s show after he becomes the executive producer of this new project. Hopefully, Andy has thought about the repercussions.

I can already see Lindsay Lohan being one the celebrity “victims”.



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