Ed Sheeran Talks Writing Songs for One Direction’s Fourth Album

Ed Sheeran Talks Writing Songs for One Direction’s Fourth Album


ed sheeran harry styles one directionEd Sheeran has become on of the hottest songwriters in the music industry. He is very well respected since he writes all of his own music for his records.

He also writes for other artists. One Direction, Rixton, and Taylor Swift are just a few of the people that have used Ed Sheeran’s songwriting skills.

Many have been wondering if Ed Sheeran is going to lend his skills to One Direction again for their fourth album since he wasn’t part of their third record.

On their first album ‘Up All Night’, Ed wrote ‘Moments’. On their second album “Take Me Home’, he wrote ‘Little Things’. It is unfortunate that Ed didn’t write anything for the third one “Midnight Memories”. The two songs that Ed wrote for One Direction are fan favorites.

It’s possible Ed didn’t help with ‘Midnight Memories’ since he was so busy writing his own album ‘Multiply’. Ed has said that he wrote over 100 songs for this album.

In an interview with Sugarscape, Ed told them how he chooses who to work with in the music industry. He said, “I’m very open, I think you can create good music with anyone”.

When he was asked about working with One Direction for their fourth album he said he only work with them if he could do it individually.

“I don’t know what I could do with five people in a room. Like, if it was one on one, if i wrote five different songs, one with each of them, then it would work, but i’m a control freak when it comes to writing songs.”, Ed said. “So yes, I would work with each of them individually, but not five of them at once.”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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