Ellen Degeneres Divorcing Portia de Rossi for a Younger Hot Woman!

Ellen Degeneres Divorcing Portia de Rossi for a Younger Hot Woman!


ellen degeneres divorce portia de rossiEllen Degeneres is “divorcing” Portia de Rossi because the talk-show host is no longer attracted to her partner the same way she was when they first got married.

This rumor, which first started through the tabloids, now has new “sources” claiming that the couple’s relationship is moving anything but forward. Ellen has made it clear she wants to move on with her life, and that does not include Portia.

For a long time now, Ellen has known that she wants to file for divorce from Portia but she tried to give the marriage another shot before eventually realizing she’s wasting her time trying to find feelings for someone she doesn’t love anymore.

Her lost love for Portia came right around the time de Rossi started demanding for children — Portia has been really pushy with the fact that she wants kids which is one thing that Ellen said she never wanted. No kids, ever!

Then, of course, came the cheating allegations between the two. Portia was reportedly looking at other women in a flirty way and Ellen would notice it whenever they were out and about. This would lead to arguments at their home. In fact, one mag claimed Ellen would drink so much alcohol, she would emotionally hurt Portia’s feelings.

Okay, so we’ve discovered that not only is Ellen an alcoholic, she’s known she wants out of the relationship for some time. Well, seeing that they’ve been arguing so much, why not?

According to reports, Ellen is looking for a much younger woman. The 56-year-old feels she made a mistake marrying someone fifteen years younger than her. She wants to go further than that by at least twenty years because she feels whomever that person may be, they’ll be more appreciative of the luxury lifestyle.

Ellen has been doing everything for Portia but Portia doesn’t show that respect back. The fact that she knew Degeneres would never give in to having kids makes you know that Portia is just being selfish by saying she all of a sudden wants a family.

Who’s side are you on? Ellen or Portia?



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