Faith Hill, Tim McGraw $135 Million Divorce: Cheating Causing Marriage to Collapse

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw $135 Million Divorce: Cheating Causing Marriage to Collapse

tim mcgraw faith hill divorce

tim mcgraw faith hill divorceFaith Hill can’t deal with her cheating husband anymore which is why she’s divorcing Tim McGraw.

Note that according to the tabloids the couple have been preparing for a divorce since the beginning of 2013 — so what in the world is taking them so long?

Perhaps the fact that he story is absurdly untrue!

But we’ll give STAR magazine the benefit of the doubt as they now claim that Faith is tired of being around Tim; she’s already uncovered his cheating affairs and despite having tried to forgive him for his actions, she just can’t do it.

It has led to constant fights and arguments in their house, and it’s now at a point where the country singer knows the best solution to this whole thing is that they go their separate ways and finally get a divorce.

Interestingly enough, Faith and Tim reportedly don’t have a pre-nip signed, meaning that McGraw could walk away with millions and millions once the divorce is finalized — and this is a HUGE worry for Faith who doesn’t want to give up her money to a cheater.

Faith has “ambushed Tim with an ultimatum: He had to straighten himself out – and sign control of all their assets, including royalties and property, over to Faith — or else.”

Tim thinks he’s behavior is totally acceptable and that his wife needs to stop acting like a “controlling psycho,” seeing that he’s a changed man.

Their $135 million empire is at stake and if Faith gets her way, she’ll keep her money to her side while Tim can take whatever he’s made throughout the years of their marriage.

Are we buying this?

Well, back in 2013 Faith had said that people shouldn’t buy into the rumors that the tabloids are spreading but then I ask myself why she would comment on the situation if it had no truth to it?

Hmmm. Sounds suspicious.



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