George Clooney Has “Cold Feet” on Amal Alamuddin Wedding: Calling Off Engagement?

George Clooney Has “Cold Feet” on Amal Alamuddin Wedding: Calling Off Engagement?


george clooney engagedGeorge Clooney is getting cold feet when it comes to his forthcoming wedding to fiancee, Amal Alamuddin.

The British-born lawyer and her Oscar-award winning beau are said to be experiencing a rocky romance shift following the news they had gotten engaged.

A source close to George explains that the ‘Gravity’ actor is a little worried about the wedding — he’s having second thoughts because he’s only known Amal for a year and the whole marriage plan is moving way too fast.

Knowing that George has been with so many women in the past few years, I wouldn’t be surprised if this wedding never happens, because let’s face it, George likes having a new woman by his side every other month or so.

While Amal seems like a nice girl, she’ll soon be the next under Clooney’s exes list as the 53-year-old is already contemplating leaving her. “A few weeks to think over their engagement, things aren’t looking so rosy – and friends worry that either one of them could call it off,” the source said.

“His friends make jokes about when he’ll cheat on Amal. No one in George’s inner circle will be surprised if the wedding never happens.”

When your friends joke about your promiscuous behavior, you know you have a problem. But it’s like saying a man who cheats will all of a sudden stop once he says he’ll stop — it’s most likely not going to be the case. And yes, we’re looking at you LeAnn Rimes!

George Clooney isn’t going to get married in September, as he claimed earlier this year. It’s not going to happen. OK! magazine doesn’t think so, his fans don’t think so and not even his own friends!

Somewhere out in the States, a heavily pregnant Stacy Keibler is laughing her butt off about this.



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