Chris Brown Will ‘Avoid Rihanna’ at ‘BET Awards 2014’ Following Jail Release

Chris Brown Will ‘Avoid Rihanna’ at ‘BET Awards 2014’ Following Jail Release

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chris brown rihanna jail bet awardsChris Brown is reportedly avoiding Rihanna at the forthcoming BET Awards after having been released from jail earlier this month.

The R&B singer, who enjoyed chart success with his hit song ‘Loyal’ this year, has made it known that he’s distancing himself from anyone and anything that could cause him to behave in a certain way.

And no — we’re not saying “physically,” but in a way that would make him feel some type of way that could trigger his anger issues. In case you didn’t know, Chris is battling anger problems which he’s taking serious medications for.

So with the medications and the removal of the people he thinks are bad for him, Rihanna perfectly fitted into that category. Do we blame him? No!

This whole on-again, off-again romance had to end at some point. Breezy is expected to attend the BET Awards later this month where he’s set to make his first televised performance since his release from jail, but he doesn’t want to be anywhere near Rihanna.

“As Chris continues to work through his anger management issues and rebuild his life and career, he doesn’t want anything or anyone to remind him of his past mistakes — especially Rihanna herself!”

The source continues that Rihanna will definitely be at the show and producers of these awards usually love to see scandals go down, so in Chris’ mind he’s already thinking they’ll try and force him to sit near his ex-girlfriend at the bash.

Should that be the case, Brown has vowed not to show up. “That’s why he’s thinking about skipping this year’s BET Awards altogether.”

“It may not be the best place for him to be because Rihanna might be there and it’s probably too soon for him to be in the same room as her.”

The source added: “He’s still working on his feelings and emotions and just doesn’t need anyone to say anything smart or even look at him the wrong way,”

Good for him. I feel silly for saying this but I’m proud of Chris for making the right decision. He’s 25-years-old and this whole love triangle thing with Karrueche and Rihanna is ridiculous. I genuinely believe he loves Karrueche and wants to make it work with her.

Now that he’s trying to stay clean, it’s good to distance yourself from the dirt. And you can look at that as shade if you want to. Haha. #ImmaThrowShadeIfICantGetPaid.

Shout out to Lil’ Kim.

Are y’all going to be mad if Rihanna ends up being the reason why Chris Brown doesn’t attend the BET Awards — because we sure as hell will be fuming in our seats as we watch the show.


  1. I feel like he should stay home. Stay out of the limelight until the next trial is done. The courts will drag him down if they think he’s out there enjoying himself.


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