Melanie Griffith Divorces Antonio Banderas: 18-Year Marriage Collapses Over Alleged Drug Problems...

Melanie Griffith Divorces Antonio Banderas: 18-Year Marriage Collapses Over Alleged Drug Problems and Cheating Affairs

melanie griffith antonio banderas divorce

melanie griffith antonio banderas divorceMelanie Griffith has filed for divorce from Antonio Banderas after months of speculation about he couple’s relationship.

Last year it was heavily reported that Melanie allegedly found out about the actor’s cheating affairs and though she tried to forgive him in the beginning, the trust has been broken and can no longer be repaired.

The two have been married for eighteen years so their split is really unfortunate, but nevertheless Melanie is definitely making the right decision.

“Everyone in the family is distraught over this but the sad fact is they’re really not in a good place. At this point the word is that they’re literally on the brink of a divorce,” one source revealed.

“This isn’t a new problem, there have been some big issues for a while. They’ve been in counseling and they’re still going, but overall it seems to be the end of the road. They love each other very much and always will but they haven’t been the way they used to be for a while now.”

Marriage counseling is the first sign of a struggling relationship, but why seek for help on something that’s unrepairable? If we were to believe reports that Antonio cheated, how do you fix something like that? You can’t change what’s already happened.

“They used to be the most passionate couple, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. But they haven’t been intimate in months and rarely even sleep in the same room these days. It’s not good.”

What’s really surprising is that Melanie Griffith isn’t playing around with this divorce because she’s also filed legal documents for sole custody of their daughter, Stella, 17. So, it seems like she doesn’t want Antonio to have any rights of his child without her permission.

Well, she’s eighteen soon anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

Melanie also wants spousal support and child support money, according to the documents. No word on whether the couple had a pre-nup, but if Melanie is already this bitter about the divorce, she’s about to finish Antonio in the money department.

One shouldn’t forget that Melanie also battled a drug addiction years ago — no word on whether she ever relapsed but you know what they say… it isn’t easy staying away from the devil’s substance. Especially when you’re dealing with pain. In this case, a cheating hubby.



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