Has Britney Spears Gained 30 Pounds Since Beginning Her Las Vegas Show?

Has Britney Spears Gained 30 Pounds Since Beginning Her Las Vegas Show?

britney spears fat las vegas

britney spears fat las vegasBritney Spears can never stay out of the spotlight even if she tries. The 32-year-old and mom of two has reportedly gained almost 30 pounds.

She began her Las Vegas ‘Piece of Me‘ Show in December 2013 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Since the start of the show it is believed her friends are becoming concerned with her body weight.

According to The Hollywood Gossip an insider said, “Britney has gained close to 30 pounds and she’s got a lot of cellulite on her legs and stomach. To disguise her belly on stage. She wears a one-piece leotard made out of a shaping material for a slimming effect.”

Spears loves fast food, specifically McDonald’s and Taco Bell, but who doesn’t? Seriously, everyone enjoys fast food, soda, and junk food and you cannot blame the pop singer for enjoying her life. If this is true, she is busy with her nightly 90-minute performance and most likely only using that as her workout.

Spears has been performing since her teenage years and she has given birth to two sons. Though the media can be judgmental about celebrity bodies, no one should expect her to have the body from her ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time‘ video after birth.

Over the years she has committed bad behavior and drawn negative attention to herself. Currently, she seems to be on the right track and happy with her life, and no one should ruin that. Who cares if she packed on pounds? Oops she did it again!



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