Louis Tomlinson To Buy The Doncaster Rovers Soccer Team!

Louis Tomlinson To Buy The Doncaster Rovers Soccer Team!


louis tomlinson buys doncaster football teamLouis Tomlinson, otherwise known as “The Sass Master from Doncaster”, is on his way of becoming one of the youngest football club owners.

The 22-year old singer from One Direction is a huge fan of his hometown’s soccer team, the Doncaster Rovers. The city of Doncaster is in the county of South Yorkshire, which is north of London.

Louis has already had the privilege of getting to play with them back in February of this year. Since the game he has yet to change his profile picture on Twitter. The picture is of him playing while wearing his own Doncaster Rovers jersey.

Louis is now looking to buy a portion of the team. John Ryan, a former owner of the team, is also interested in buying with him. The current owners of the team are Terry Bramall and Dick Watson.

As of yesterday (June 6th), an agreement for the sale had been reached. Last week the team’s website stated that “dialogue has taken place with external parties about a proposed takeover”.

A former player of the Rovers told the ‘Doncaster Free Press’, “I do wonder how much control Louis would have but on the basis of him helping out financially, that would be phenomenal for the town and the club as a whole. You dream of that kind of stuff as a kid and he’s taking his chance. I wish them both good luck.”

Louis told ‘BBC News’, “it’s such an honor to be involved in a club that I meant most of my childhood going down to the games and just putting the shirt on is just, you know, a boyhood dream.”

If you’re a fan of Louis, you know how much he loves this team and how much the deal would mean to him.



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