Rita Ora Allegedly Cheated on Calvin Harris with Justin Bieber — PHOTOS!

Rita Ora Allegedly Cheated on Calvin Harris with Justin Bieber — PHOTOS!

rita ora justin bieber dating cheating

rita ora justin bieber dating cheatingRita Ora is living up to her reputation because just one day after it was confirmed she has split from Calvin Harris, the British singer has already been linked to Justin Bieber.

We’re hearing that the couple’s split was a decision Calvin made — they hadn’t been seen together for a while and Calvin wanted to confirm the split last night on Twitter because people had started to speculate.

If you’re wondering why people were speculating… well, photos emerged of Rita hanging out at Justin Bieber’s crib which immediately raised a few eyebrows.

Ora, who is constantly blamed for Rob Kardashian’s downfall after she dumped him and “broke his heart,” has a reputation of sleeping around — at least according to Rob.

When Rita famously dumped him back in December 2012, the overweight reality star made comments saying she had cheated on him with twenty women and allegedly aborted the baby she was carrying by the 27-year-old.

Taking into consideration what the media have said about Rita, and then looking at the comments Rob has made… oh and then we should also consider the fact that the R&B singer also dated Bruno Mars a couple of years ago.

So she’s definitely had her fair share when it comes to men. So, again, taking all of this into consideration we’re not doubting for one second that she’s hooking up with Bieber.

What’s ironic is that when Rita was with Rob, she had her debut album to promote which ended up being the biggest-selling record of 2012 in the UK.

She recently dropped her new single ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ which just so happened to be produced by Calvin Harris, and word is that the DJ gave Rita a couple of other tracks for her forthcoming album.

You make your own judgement on this but I guess you can already see where I’m going with mine.

Justin Bieber would be the perfect person to hook up with right now. He’s young, rich and has a seriously bad reputation in the press right now. Any headline is considered a good headline for Rita who has been destined to make it in the States for some time now.

So Bruno, Rob, Calvin (and allegedly Jay-Z) have been in a relationship with Rita in a matter of four years. Wowza!

Catch this photo (below) of Rita supposedly giving Justin a kiss on the cheek as they partied at 1OAK last summer.

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